Rooftop sangria. A Bon voyage drink with the roomies. I love the sun

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Breakfast hustle in my makeshift space #taxseason #getitdone. I may or may not be procrastinating by being on Instagram

Home in San Jose for the weekend. I got my cloth boxes for the sake of cleanliness and organization in my room. I think my perspective on life is shifting. Dare I say evolving? Too soon to tell. My mother has never been so wise recently. Still she sometimes focuses on things that annoy me, but she’s always looking out for me. Her advice has never rung more true lately.

San Jose is beautiful. I always knew that San Francisco was beautifully urban but San Jose is beautiful in its own right. At least in my hood. Anyways

Slow down and let the sun shine so the warmth can be felt. Allow it to linger and leave an imprint and tell your heart your brain something.

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#halfmarathontraining #justdoit


Paperclip patent. via This Isn’t Happiness 

#fbf got dropped off by mom for work and took the light rail home. Should I walk home next? Lol #feelingyoung

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#feelingyoung   #fbf  

Movie night. Watching Guardians of the Galaxy with bf and work bestie. What an awesome evening. #makingfunnyfaces

At last!

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What a productive morning! #fitbit Whooo

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Rooftop #sf. Feels like mirror’s edge. Just a tad

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