H is for Holla!!!! (Or helen) #selfie

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Did you!?

Lake Merritt, it was nice meeting you. I would like to see you again and frolick.

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Happy hour fun. Last day with Lisa #latergram #havefunindenver #workit.

Happy birthday work bestie! Here is to being 27 and classy (at Zarzuela)

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freshly picked pink grapefruit + mint + spinach :: the perfect summer weekend cleanser :: deeply nourishing + blood tonifying + cooling :: recipe here.


"For example, young people are about twice as likely as Boomers to feel more comfortable questioning America. This sentiment has led to the creation of #Merica, a meme that has swept through social feeds across the country with over 60 percent of Millennials stating it reflects how their generation feels about their country – proud, but hyper-aware of its flaws. The viral sensation embraces both the greatness and the follies of American culture and includes examples such as an image of an oversized plate of fried chicken and waffles or a pick-up truck driving into the sunset behind a sweeping mountain vista."


How To Eat Healthy

The startup way

Illustrated by Anastasia Borko